Medicine has found an effective therapy for bacterial infections in the form of antibiotics. However, this is not the case with viral infections since viruses have no metabolism of their own and no cell wall, antibiotics are powerless. In the case of viral infections, your body’s own immune system is and remains the treatment of choice.

Since your birth, your immune system has been maturing. It travels through the organism like a mobile task force, which is constantly in training.

Availability and the interaction of your many biological agents, such as antibodies, proline-rich polypeptides, and other immune factors are of great importance in viral infections.

Nature offers such a complex immune composition in the form of the foremilk, called Colostrum. It boosts the still immature defense system of the offspring and thus ensures growth, survival, and above all – immunity.

Colostrum – the Natural Defense

The efficacy of colostrum is based on the variety of its ingredients, most of which have been researched and analyzed. In 2005, the University of Chieti in Italy studied the effect of colostrum on flu-like infections. The research group concluded that “colostrum is at least three times more effective and cost-effective than a flu shot.”

Particularly in the respiratory tract, components of colostrum appear to facilitate a broad immune-modulating effect. In addition to inhibiting respiratory diseases1, they may also protect people with weak immune systems from infections2.

The viral antibodies detected in colostrum have been shown to prevent respiratory tract invasion3. The highly complex ingredients in colostrum naturally act in a rather non-specific way. This enables them to effectively combat and contain even genetically complex and widely variable viruses, according to scientific opinion.

Real Protection – Only by Your Immune System

For efficient protection against viral infections, your immune system competence is of primary importance. As part of the initial care, liquid colostrum provides all the vital building blocks and necessary information. This enables an immediate and reliable defense.

For a permanent strengthening of your immune system you can of course do much more. In particular, the health of your intestines comes into focus here.

Meanwhile, the importance of the microbiome in the immune system is scientifically established and the use of pre-and probiotics to modulate your immune system is fully accepted.


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