Basic bath salt for a pleasant feeling on the skin

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The basic mineral body care salt cleans, cares and relaxes particularly intensively.

The certified natural cosmetic product optimizes the self-greasing of the skin and gives it a pleasant suppleness.

With a pH of 8.5, it supports the skin in its excretion function – for a conscious and natural care in the acid-base balance.


Sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium carbonate


Das Badesalz in angegebener Menge in das einlaufende Badewasser einstreuen. Für ein Vollbad benötigen Sie ca. 36-40g Badesalz. Wir empfehlen eine Badetemperatur von 36-38°C und eine Badedauer von mindestens 30 Minuten. Mit Arktis BATH können auch Cellulite-, Leber- und andere Wickel gemacht werden.


The basic bath salt is intended for external use of undamaged skin. Please avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact and skin irritation, rinse immediately with plenty of clear water and contact a doctor.