Colostrum | STRONG

Colostrum Serum cold sterile filtered.


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Eyes open when buying colostrum. Our COLOSTRUM | STRONG is a 100% natural substance. The liquid colostrum from Arktis BioPharma comes exclusively from EU-certified German-Austrian farms, without genetically modified animal feed. The colostrum is gently purified at below 40°C, defatted and decaseinated. This ensures optimal preservation of bioactivity and bioavailability of all natural ingredients. Colostrum contains natural vitamins, minerals, growth factors, amino acids and immunoglobulins.

STOP, you don’t know what colostrum is and what it is used for? Colostrum is the very first milk that mammals pass on to their offspring. As already mentioned, it is full of bioactive substances and protective agents. With our COLOSTRUM | STRONG you get high-quality colostrum in liquid form.


Cow Colostrum (Cow first milk); Degreased, De-Caseinated, Sterile Filtered.

Nutritional value in10 ML100 ML
Calorific Value kcal / kJ11,7/2,8117/28
Protein0,40 g4,0 g
Carbohydrates0,20 g2,0 g
  of which sugars0,18 g1,8 g
Fat< 0,05 g< 0,5 g
  of which unsaturated fatty acids< 0,01 g< 0,1 g
Salt< 0,065 g0,65 g


Consume 10 ml (dosing cap) in the morning on an empty stomach. If necessary, another 10 ml in the evening just before going to bed. Please do not drink from the bottle (risk of contamination).

Do not consume in warm drinks. Please shake before use. Colostrum can also be mixed into cold drinks (fruit juice, water, milk).

Store in a cool and dark place, refrigerate after opening and consume within 2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact your doctor, therapist or pharmacist. They are happy to help.