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Soluble fiber for the intestine.

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Intestinal bacteria are able to break down your food and thus contribute to the supply of your organism. Not only you, but also the microorganisms in your stomach are hungry. With GROW you supply your body with 80% soluble dietary fiber. These fibers serve mainly as “food” for certain bacteria and in this way stimulate the division of the specific bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii. The increased growth of the bacteria in turn also improves the breakdown of our food into short-chain fatty acids – a WIN-WIN situation.

But how are acacia fibers obtained?

The acacia trees that provide the raw material for Arktis GROW grow in the African Sahel desert. By cutting into the bark of the tree, the required “tree sap” is extracted and collected. Gently cleaned, dried and ground, it serves us as a soluble fiber to regulate digestion.

Arktis GROW contains 100% pure acacia fiber (without synthetic additives), is neutral in taste, smell as well as color. It is very well tolerated and there is no annoying flatulence – good news for all those who have to struggle with digestive problems anyway.

In the field of food advertising, the “Health Claims” Regulation (EC 1924/2006) now imposes an absolute ban on advertising. The consequence of these European regulations is, among other things, that nutritional medical effects – even if they have been proven by meaningful studies – may only be advertised after they have been approved by the responsible European institutions in a (lengthy and costly) procedure.

For this reason, among others, you will find only the legally required mandatory information on our products.


100% Acacia Fibers.


Stir 1 level tablespoon into a glass of water twice a day and drink. It is recommended to take half an hour before a meal.