The end of the Paleo 30-Day-Challenge – but not the end of my challenge

Now it’s done, the 30 Days Paleo Challenge is completed. What has changed from the first 14 days?

For 14 days, my mood went steeply downhill, but so did my weight. My mood has been stabilized in a positive way because I have been able to train my hunger.

I know how to overcome my craving phases with fruits and vegetables. My high-water intake is still stable, but, unfortunately, my weight has also stabilized. But one after the other…

Courage to do your own body analysis

For the next topic, I’d like to briefly quote myself, which sounds kind of silly, but makes my following explanation easier.

“No feeling of fullness or bloating after eating. Increased energy during sports, and I just feel in a good physical condition.” That was my conclusion after 14 days of Paleo.

One thing that bothered me

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One thing that bothered me with Paleo

In the meantime, I can speak about this topic more easily, since it goes along with my job and makes it a part of my everyday life.

However, you should ask yourself more often if there is something wrong in this area or if everything is fine.

As an employee for Arktis BioPharma, I have become more familiar with the topic of the intestines in the last few months, and I pay more attention to my intestines and their activity.

With the switch to Paleo, I noticed that I went to the toilet about 4 times in the 14 days. I did not notice this directly because there were no secondary symptoms such as a bloated belly, on the contrary!

So once again I resorted to the repertoire of my employer and decided to take Arktibiotic StressCompens. This is particularly suitable for athletes because it can support the body during recovery by the contained B vitamins. Furthermore, it also contains 9 special lactic acid bacteria, which are the building block for intestinal rehabilitation.

I don’t want to do a product presentation or analysis, but the fact was that I had a regular cycle of visits to the ceramics department again within a few days of taking the product (you’ll notice that I haven’t quite got the technical jargon out yet regarding the subject of intestines).

Thus the problem “something is bothering me” was solved and I had made another step forward. So just listen to the body or analyze yourself, what has changed, or whether you can change something.

The other positive side effect of the work is that I can report from my own experience.

Hobby extended

The biggest time issue is cooking with Paleo because you are not restricted to ready-made products or the selection of fast food in the short term.

Sure, a kebab box with salad and meat is feasible with narrowed eyes. So it is cooking what the stuff holds, and preparing food. This includes homemade ketchup or tomato sauces to stay flexible.

So I thought, if I invest a lot of time in the kitchen, then why not create something of my own. Thus, I recently started my personal project once a week to develop my own recipe, which I then put in a folder. Let’s see what else I will make from it.

The first recipe was different Tapas ( Name is self-created): Bacon hugged dates, mushrooms at sea, Albondiga de Paleo, and Onion Mato chutney.

Tapas I presonally made.

Goal not yet reached

My personal goal was 83 kg, even better, drop down to 80 kg, but I try to set myself stages because even small successes make you happy and encourage you to keep going.

Going down from 90 kg to almost 85 kg is a great achievement for me, but I have my sights set on my goal and want to get there.

Now I must confess that I have sinned 3 days in a row after the Challenge. A few things you do not want to miss out on, and therefore there were times I had schnitzel rolls from the bakery, chips, and chocolate.

As I write this, I would love to go out and buy some of it again. There are phases in between where it is hard for me to resist, even after 30 days.

To be honest, after I cross the finish line, I will think of a strategy to combine both. Like my work colleague says on this subject “where is the quality of life”.

In a way, I’m already missing it and besides the hours in the office or on the sports field, the rest of my time shouldn’t be spent in supermarkets looking for the “right food” and in the kitchen, even though I love spending time there.

30 days after Paleo Diet

Conclusion – 30 days of Paleo

Visual improvement, as well as mental improvement, speak in favor of Paleo.

The effort is worth it, and the effort is made. One should have a good time planning, combined with sensible organization, in order to create free time for oneself as well as to keep the expenditure within limits.

In addition, one should take into account that Paleo is a dietary change and not a classic diet. One can make use of it, as well as I did.

I’ve had success so far, but you should follow the advice that after the Challenge you don’t immediately go back to your old routine, but gradually supplement your diet.

On the one hand, the yoyo effect probably occurs, and on the other hand, it was clear to me that I could not quite tolerate the delicious schnitzel roll.

The body adjusts itself and so you can also find out where incompatibilities are.

That’s when the motto becomes, “Listen to your body and do something for it, therefore, for yourself!”


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