Did you know that our intestines can do much more than digest our food? Keep in mind that the intestine is not only our largest inner organ but also our “greatest” organ!

Its function: The utilization and preparation of our food and therefore the supply of our organism with essential nutrients.

Unfortunately, not every one of us always deals well with this so important organ. Do you know that the intestine is linked to the psyche and vice versa?

Effects of overeating and its frequency on Intestines

The amounts of food that we usually stuff into ourselves over the course of the day are simply UNHEALTHY!

The three main meals and several snacks rule is outdated in my opinion. Just as we need to take breaks when exercising, our intestines also need a break from “digesting” at regular time intervals.

Our essential digestive organ is simply overwhelmed and suffers as a result. After a meal, give your intestines a break of at least 3-4 hours.

During this time it can recover and cleanse itself, but if you eat the food in-between meals again, this process can’t work.

Time Pressure

During the lunch break, we can gobble down a kebab in big bites and add a Coke. On the route from the kebab restaurant to work, we can also have another coffee-to-go, but, is this what our stomach and intestines want?

At some point, our stomach also gets tired because it can no longer pre-digest the large chunks of food properly. These then slide virtually undigested into the intestine and become victims of our bacteria there.

The result: Fermentation and putrefaction processes! One metabolic product is the fusel alcohol that fogs our minds. But also other products harmful to health are produced.

Eating is a need – enjoyment is an art” – Eat with pleasure and chew thoroughly. This can solve many problems already. Take your time and give yourself and your intestines a break!


Refined sugar is not healthy! You should only consume it in small amounts. Even better – avoid sugar altogether! Also, please make sure that you do not consume too much fructose from fruits and juices. You can also get digestive problems from this!

Vegetables are much better. You can never eat enough of them.

Gluten and its effects on Intestines

Gluten intolerance – everybody has heard of it, right? But what actually is gluten?

Gluten is a protein complex that occurs naturally in grains and can cause problems for our digestive system if ingested in excessive amounts.

The gluten content in our present-day wheat is particularly high, and there is another problem associated with it: Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP for short). Artificially bred high by industry to keep pests and parasites away from the grain. It gives many people a stomach ache.

If you have problems with this too, try not to eat so many cereal products. Maybe you can do without them completely for some time.


The human body is often unable to digest milk sugar (lactose) properly after the age of 5. This is because the body does not produce enough of the required enzyme called Lactase. The milk sugar enters the large intestine and is then fermented there. The result is Diarrhea and painful bloating.

Simply, try to avoid foods containing lactose, and the problems should stop promptly.

Animal Protein and its effects on Intestines

Can you remember that there were only 2 times a week when meat was eaten? An unimaginable thing by today’s standards. In my country (Germany), this was the case – and this was not 50 years ago.

Alternatives to meat are legumes, such as lentils and beans. But even nuts are more than just a snack on a disco counter. You should buy and eat meat with awareness. Again, the rule is: chew well!

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